Umbra Prisma Mirror - Copper (H42.5 x W56.5 x D8.3cm)

Umbra Prisma Mirror - Copper (H42.5 x W56.5 x D8.3cm) Click to view larger image  
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This centrepiece Umbra Prisma Mirror - Copper (42.5 x 56.5cm) can be hung either vertically or horizontally to suit your interior. Its unique design includes offset wires in front of the glass which can be used to hang small accessories and jewellery. Also available in brass or black, this fabulous mirror would make a stylish addition to any home.


  • Copper
  • Metal
  • Other
  • H 42.5 x W 56.5 x D 8.3 (cm)
  • Umbra
  • Wall Mirrors
    All Furniture
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